The best water filtration system for you depends on a number of factors such as your location and personal needs. Fortunately, High Water Standard carries a wide range of water filters, so we can always find the right solution for you. The three main systems we offer are: single-level, multi-level, and custom water filters.

3 Stage
Portable Countertop Water Filter


Zeta 3


Zeta 3 offers product that utilizes a three stage filtration approach, producing clean drinking water for an entire household. By eliminating the impurities present in regular, municipal-fed water, your family can enjoy a healthier diet and water source without worries.

Zeta Water Filter is easy to install, takes up little space, and provides an attractive appliance function for clean water production.

5 Stage
Reverse Osmosis System


Vita Bravo


Five Stage Residential Reverse Osmosis System 50 Gallons per day produces pure water much faster than most Reverse Osmosis System sold in stores locally, which usually produce only 25 gallons per day membranes or less.

Reverse osmosis, also known as hyper-filtration, is a process that reduces the particles down to a molecular level. Great for drinking water, ice makers, coffee, tea, juice, soups, pets and plants.

6 Stage
Reverse Osmosis System

water filter for kitchen

Vita Black Shield (New York Edition)


The six-stage system provides an affordable alternative to bottled water, conveniently located right in your home. The same process used by major bottled water companies, reverse osmosis reduces the salts and other impurities, producing high quality drinking water. Reduces: copper, lead, fluoride, cadmium, radium 226/228, selenium, arsenic, cysts, barium, hexavalent and trivalent chromium, odor and many more.

7 Stage
Reverse Osmosis System

Vita Master Alkaline water filter installation nyc

Vita Master


The seven-stage system

We not only install but also service and repair all of the above systems, even if your filterwas installed by another company.

How to Determine the Best Water Filter for You

The three main systems we offer are: single-level, multi-level, and custom water filters.

We go out of our way to ensure that your water treatment system functions properly because we believe that you deserve clean water. But the benefits of a good water filtration system are not limited to your personal health.
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Single-Level Water Filters. Cost $50-$200

Single-Level Water Filters. Cost $50-$200

The best water filtration system for you depends on a number of factors such as your location and personal needs. Fortunately, High Water Standard carries a wide range of water filters, so we can always find the right solution for you. The most basic water filtration system uses activated carbon to screen out sediments and other contaminants. You get better quality than bottled water but in a much greener, more convenient way. Right from your tap!


Single-Level Water Filter Pros

+ Better Filtration than Bottled Water

+ Easy to Install and Maintain

+ Easy to Move to a New Location


Single-Level Water Filter Cons

-+ Cannot Filter Out Some Micro-Chemicals

+ Cartridge Must be Changed Every 3 Months

+ Higher Cost per Gallon than More Advanced Systems

Multi-Level Water Treatment Systems. Cost $300-$600

Most cost effective water filter

Most commonly, this type of system is called a reverse osmosis water filter. Basically, reverse osmosis systems work by pushing tap water through a membrane that traps any chemicals larger than a water molecule. This effectively eliminates potentially harmful chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, lead, cadmium and iron from your drinking water.


Multi-Level Water Filter Pros

+ Higher Filtering Level than Bottled Water

+ Only Requires Yearly Maintenance

+ Cheaper per Gallon than Bottled Water


Multi-Level Water Filter Cons

+ Requires Professional Installation and Maintenance

+ May Need to Be Paired with a Carbon Filter to Screen Out Heavy Metals

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Custom Water Filtration Systems. Cost $600+

Best water filter system for house

Everyone has unique water needs, based on your location, the source of your public water, local environment, and personal health. With a custom system, you get water filtration that is specifically designed for your home or office. First, we analyze your water to identify any problem areas. Such a test rates your water’s levels of:

+ pH

+ Water Hardness

+ Dissolved Solids

+ Chlorine

+ Manganese

+ Copper

+ Iron

+ Iron Bacteria

Based on the findings of our test, we design a water filter to remove all harmful contaminants. This could include a reverse osmosis system, activated carbon filter, or both. Also, an important difference between a custom system and a multi-level system is the ability to add healthy minerals to your water. We will access your personal water needs, and use mineral additives to address any concerns. For example, if you know that you have a zinc deficiency, we can design a filter that adds safe amounts of zinc to your water to help boost your zinc levels naturally.

Water filtration system + Mineral additives

Perfectly healthy water for YOU

Custom Water Filter Pros

+ Guarantees Optimal Water Quality

+ Much Safer than Unfiltered Tap Water – No Chemicals or Heavy Metals

+ Mineral Additives Provide Healthy Amounts of the Nutrients You Need


Custom Water Filter Cons

+ Larger Initial Financial Investment

+ Longer Installation Time

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