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How to Choose Home Water Filtration System

There is nothing more trivial than drinking tap water. We do it every day, unaware of how dangerous it could potentially be. More than 2.000 chemicals are found in tap water in the United States, with only 5% of them being safe. One way to ensure one’s health and safety is to install a water filter. But there are so many types of water filters out there! How can you choose the one that fits your budget, home, and lifestyle the best? Have no fear, help has arrived.
As well all know, it’s easy to go to the store and buy the first, the most appealing filter you see. However, there is a high chance it won’t properly filter out the exact chemicals that appear in your tap water and will leave you exposed to the diseases lurking inside. Do you actually want to play the game of chance and risk something as valuable as your health? High Water Standard will not let you take that risk. We can help you with water filter and softener installation. Order the high-quality filtration system and drink your water with a peace of mind.
Before actually buying a home drinking water filtration system, you should test the water quality and identify what types of water filters are suitable for your home first.
To do so, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Test the quality of the water to find out what chemicals it contains (you can test it on your own, or request a water quality report from the city administration).
  2. Learn what home drinking water filtration systems will eliminate the precise chemicals from the water.
  3. Identify which filters fit your house and budget.
  4. Determine the water contamination sources around the house and get rid of them.

Know Your Water Quality

To decide on which of the best home water filter systems you should buy, first and foremost, you need to learn what kind of chemicals you are dealing with. So how do you test water quality? It’s not like you can pour a glass of tap water and test it in your home laboratory (unless you have it). There are actually several easier ways you can do this.
First, if you live in a city or town, there is a high chance you are using communal water. If that’s the case, you can go to the EPA website, which houses all reports on water quality in the US, to gather more information. Just find your state, enter your town and water system name – and, voila! You’ve got the report.

home drinking water filtration
If you are using a private well, it’s going to be a bit trickier. The easiest way – though not too precise – is to look at the contents, smell and taste it. Pour some water in a glass and see if it looks or smells weird. The water should be crystal clear. If it is cloudy or has visible distinct particles – there is a good chance something is wrong. Another sign is a weird smell or taste, which are consequences of high levels of iron, sulfur or chloramine; one of the most common water quality problems in the US.
Lastly, you can grab yourself a water quality test kit online or in the store. These kits can identify a number of different chemicals from iron to chlorine, as well as determine the hardness of the water and the level of contamination. They come with a set of strips, that will change color when submerged into the water if there is any kind of chemical present. Yet, how did these chemicals and impurities get into the water and how do they affect this water type? Also, how can you filter water at home?

Why is Your Water Polluted?

Not every home drinking water filtration system will work perfectly for your house due to the unique impurities of the water in your area. Those impurities are determined by the water source and distribution medium.
Water travels miles from its origins, through an infinite number of pipes and water tanks before it reaches your home. It contains pollutants and bacteria from lakes and rivers, borewells and seawater. They are, of course, filtered along the way, yet various chemicals are used in the process – that’s why you get that chlorine taste. Identifying the chemicals in your water is an easy way for you to find the best water filtration system for a home.

Identify Your Water Type

Another advantage of getting chemical reports or test kits is learning your specific water type. Basically, it tells you if your water is hard or soft. Hard water is the least suited for drinking, as it contains high levels of specific substances such as lead, heavy metals, and arsenic. This water will make you ill in no time.
Yet, the best water filter systems for the home or, preferable purifiers, can turn the hardest, most dangerous water into a perfectly safe, drinkable liquid. Soft water is generally safer, but it doesn’t hurt to run it through a water filter, to ensure its safety.
Now that you know all the dangers of contaminated and hard water, one question still remains: how do you filter water at home? Here’s where the water filters and purifiers come in.

The Difference Between Water Filtration and Water Purification

Now that we know the importance of a water filter installation service, it’s time to make sure you choose the right type for you at High Water Standard. We offer a variety of systems and whatever you choose, you can be sure it will be top-quality. Nevertheless, we also want to provide all the information so that you can make an educated decision.
There are so many types of water filters and purifiers on the market. But what’s the difference between them? Strictly speaking, they clean the water of different biochemicals and impurities. Water filters are more suitable for soft water, as they can only eliminate large particles like bio-organisms, ground, and sand.
Home water purification systems, however, clean the water of chemicals and bacteria found in hard water. Both can be portable, or installed on tap, on your water tank, or boiler. Yet, there are several different types of water filtration, as well as water purification methods.
Methods of Water Filtration and Purification

  • Activated alumina-water filter is one of the most convenient water filter systems for a house. This filter is installed on the sink pipes and uses aluminum oxide to remove some of the heavy metals like arsenic and selenium.
  • A filter with activated carbon – probably the best affordable water filter system for the home, if you have soft water running through your pipes: they are usually cheap and do not need a power source. They use activated carbon, which removes bioorganic materials and chlorine.
  • Ceramic filter – portable and long-lasting filters have installed ceramic water filters. Small pores stop bio-organisms from leaking through.
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter – a rather serious investment, although it is one of the best water filter system for home, as it effectively clears the water by pressuring it through a permeable membrane. It is capable of turning salty water into a drinkable liquid. To better understand the inner workings and learn the benefits of using High Water Standard filters, visit our Reverse Osmosis Filter guide. We take great pride in providing the best product out there. As you learn more about our service and policies, you will know why.
  • Ultraviolet water purifier – some of the best water purifiers for home, UV purifiers are most potent at killing all of the bacteria and viruses; making the water clean and free from potential diseases. However, you’ll need to install an extra water filter, because it does not clear the water of tiny particles.

Most Common Filters and Purifiers for Home Use

So, we’ve looked at the different types of filtration and purifying systems, and know how they’re used. Yet, it still doesn’t answer the question: what filter should you buy? Here is a list of the most effective, affordable and easy to use filters for your home.

types of water filters

  • Water Filter Pitcher – the most common option you can find out there, though it’s pretty slow. A pitcher looks like a tall kettle made of two parts: the top part usually has an activated carbon filter; the bottom collects the water that runs through the top.
  • Kitchen Faucet Water Filter – evident by its name, this filter is installed on the tap faucet and cleans the water before it runs out of the tap. It is only suited for long faucets, due to its relatively large size.
  • Countertop Water Filter – the countertop is a separate device that is connected to the water supply and cleans water on its way out. Usually, it comes with a separate faucet, meaning, you’ll end up with two separate water sources on your sink: a usual one for washing dishes, and another one that provides drinking water.
  • Under the Sink Water Filtration System – naturally, an under the sink water filtration system is installed, well, under the sink. It is non-portable, but it is able to purify large quantities of water at a high speed.
  • Whole House Water Filter System – the most expensive yet effective filter system which is connected directly to the water tank and cleans all the water that comes into the house. Order Full House Filters at High Standard Water and thus, you will take a proactive protective measure on behalf of every member of your family. Sometimes it is worth making a splurge, especially when it comes to your health. After as little as two to three hours, your home can be fully equipped to protect you from harmful chemicals.

Prices of Water Filters

Naturally, home water filtration systems come at different prices. It depends on the filtration method and the amount of water the filter can process. If you are looking for a simple home drinking water filtration device, that doesn’t produce a lot of clean water, portable pitchers with activated carbon or ceramic filters are the best water filters for the home, in the low-price range.
If you live in an area with extremely contaminated and hard water, you should get a water purifier for your home. Choose under the sink home water filtration systems or even the whole house purifier. Technically, the whole house filters and purifiers are the safest, most reliable and hands down the best water filter systems for the home.
However, they are pretty expensive and hard to install. I’d recommend using this kind of home water filtration system only if you live in a very rural area and primarily use groundwater.
High Standard Water offers a range of water filters depending on your budget and needs. We did our best to make sure our prices are affordable without it affecting the quality in any way. Order 3-, 5- or 6-stage system and enjoy the benefits of having truly clean water.


Having clean safe water in the house is a recipe for a healthy life. Invisible and dangerous particles and bio-organisms living in the water can cause a number of diseases and may be harmful to your health in the long-term.
Highwaterstandard.com provides a number of both affordable and high-performance home water filtration systems, suitable for any level of water contamination. Without breaking the bank, you’ll be able to find the ideal option for the specific needs of your home and family.

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We improve lives by improving water. With our custom water treatment services, you save on the important things – time, money, and health – so you can live better, work better, and feel better.

At this moment High Water Standard consists from highly experienced people. We do believe that to be a successful company you need to hire not a lot of people, but hire right people, and it is what High Water Standard does. If we combine our experience in water filter industry we will get at about 100 years. Are not we experienced but not old, ah?

We work in homes, apartments, offices, restaurants, medical facilities, and anywhere else that clean filtered water is desired. No matter your need or your location, we offer you full-service water treatment solutions, and guarantee your satisfaction.

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We can install, repair, and perform maintenance on any water treatment system, even if your filter was installed by another company. Our water purification service range stretches across all five New York City boroughs: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Bronx, as well as Long Island.

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Joujou N.
Joujou N.
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Liliya K.
Liliya K.
I have been using the high water standard for over 5 years now, and it is the best investment I have made for my and my family's health. Igor and his crew are always so professional, reliable and knowledgeable. I have tried other water filters in the past but nothing compares to this amazing filter that the high water standard provides. My whole entire family uses it and loves the fact that the filtration system is unparalleled and that it is installed seamlessly by the crew. Definitely worth the investment for overall health and piece of mind!
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Stella G.
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Jie C.
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Veronica M.
Veronica M.
Have been with this company for over 10 year and they never disappoint with quality of product and their service. I just upgraded my water filter system. Everything was done promptly and with excellent quality. Igor and Edik have been always available for any issues and are super courteous and prompt. Their new employee who came to do the installation was the young man named Alex and was extremely professional, handy and quick. I highly recommend this company for any filtration system you need for your house, as they will give you just what you need unlike some others that will push on you what needs to be sold.
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Mat G.
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Stephi L.
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Lisa K.
Lisa K.
Igor was so a professional and kind. I was having trouble with my water purifier and he came the same day to fix it! He is so easy to work with , and very reliable. I would definitely recommend him!
Jacob A.
Jacob A.
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Michael Kaziyev
Michael Kaziyev
Very professional service and staff!
Jodie Vashistha
Jodie Vashistha
I just moved into a new apartment and needed to install a RO system. After my great experience last year with High Water Standard, I didn't for one second consider calling anyone else. Just like last time, Olena took care of prompt installation scheduling and handling my building's COI requirements. Igor, the consummate professional, does a great job with installation, explaining the system, and checking in with me at multiple points to make sure that I'm happy with the placement of the unit and the faucet. Both are friendly and easy to work with. Love my new tankless RO tower and the dedicated faucet looks amazing. Thank you High Water Standard! I love knowing that my drinking water is safe and healthy.
Andy Riedel
Andy Riedel
We did quite a bit of research to select the installer of a reverse-osmosis filtration system for our condo in Brooklyn Heights. Even the glowing reviews we read didn’t fully prepare us for the wonderful service we have received from Igor, Olena, and their High Water Standard company! The system they installed is top quality and included a new cutout through our marble kitchen island and a custom, dedicated faucet. The triple filtration system provides excellent quality water that we feel is vital to our health and happiness. Best of all, they are just a joy to work with! Igor is super friendly, prompt, and understands the power of clean water in your life. In our opinion, you should just stop reading reviews for anyone else. High Water Standard is the best choice there is!
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Andrea Peer
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Joe Yusufov
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Genevieve Brennan
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Michael N.
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yelena avanesova
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Davide Rosso
Very professional, excellent service!

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