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Tankless Reverse Osmosis System in NYC

The water in your home will be immaculate! We will select and install for you modern filtration technologies that make the water crystal clear and don't require huge tanks in the kitchen. Give yourself and your family more clean water, more house space, more health care!


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All Kinds of Tankless RO System Services for Your Home

Installing water filters in your home is a multi-level task. Our reverse osmosis systems do not require a lot of space in the kitchen, and this simplifies the installation process, however, experts still need to carry out several vital tests. These include tap water analysis, calculation of total water consumption, selection of the optimal filter, etc. The High Water Standard team will professionally perform each of these steps. Our experienced specialists will choose among dozens of possible options the solution that will be optimal for your home. We will make sure that you drink only the best water!

Reverse Osmosis Systems Keeps You Safe From Dangerous Contaminants

A feature of the reverse osmosis (RO) system is the ability to remove even very small particles from the water. For example, salts of heavy metals, chlorine, sulfates, nitrates, sodium ions, and other chemical elements. Viruses and bacteria are also screened out thanks to a powerful cleaning system.

In most cases, these trace elements and organic substances are not visible to the eye and are not tasted, but they can greatly affect human health, especially if used frequently. Therefore, thorough water purification is of great importance.

Tankless Systems vs. Tank Ones


So, you have a choice. Which filter system is better to install in the house – with or without a tank? Each of these options has its pros and cons. Storage tanks are a familiar way of storing water that people have been using for many years, and the tankless system has recently appeared on the market and is a new achievement in modern technology.

Design features and size

Most water purification systems include filters and tanks where purified water enters. This works efficiently but requires additional space, which is usually not enough anyway. Kitchens are highly functional spaces where every inch has a purpose. Now remember the layout of your kitchen and think about whether you are ready to give up a significant part of the space to always have a tank there. And why would you do that if you have a great alternative – tankless reverse osmosis systems? This is what will give you not only clean water in your home but also more comfort in the kitchen.

Less hidden threats

The water storage tank also requires regular and careful maintenance to avoid additional contamination. When the water is in the tank for a long time, it becomes stale and needs to be cleaned again. Tankless reverse osmosis systems avoid this problem and you always get only fresh purified water. The entire filtration process is carried out under pressure, so the water is cleared quickly. You don’t have to wait until there is enough water available for you to use.

Less overall cost

Before installing filters, you should think about expenses such as electricity bills. Reverse osmosis systems consume less energy but have higher efficiency. Also, once every six months you will need to change the filters, but the whole system is so simple that you can do this work yourself. As for the purchase and installation of filters, the High Water Standard team will select the best option that will suit you in terms of its characteristics and price.

Who Should Install Tankless Reverse Osmosis Systems?

Reverse osmosis systems are a universal way to purify water, therefore they are suitable for offices, enterprises, organizations, and industrial and domestic needs.

If you care about your body and understand that clean water is one of the most important health factors, install a reverse osmosis system in your home. You will save yourself from having to constantly buy bottled water, and get better-tasting water without dangerous impurities.

Lifespan of Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Without a doubt, a reverse osmosis system is a very profitable investment. If used correctly, it will effectively perform its task for more than 10 years. Proper and regular maintenance will help extend this period even up to 15 years. To do this, you need to purchase filters and change them on time, or you can ask High Water Standard for help and our experts will help you change filters and answer all your questions.

Tankless Water Purification Services on Favorable Terms

High Water Standard provides its customers with a complete package of services related to the reverse osmosis system – from filter selection and installation to further multi-year maintenance. You can always rely on our expert assistance and any kind of advice. In the first stages, during the selection of a cleaning system, we will take into account not only all the features of water and plumbing in your home but also all your wishes. As a result, we will select the reverse osmosis system for you at the best price for you. 

Cooperation with us will be profitable and effective for you!

What are the pros and cons of a tankless system?


  • it takes less space
  • modern design
  • has built-in leak detector
  • less water waste


  • depends on electricity
Does tankless RO's remove PFOA/PFOS?

Yes. Since most water now contains this contaminant it’s a very important point.

How often filters need to be changed?
For household below 6 persons service once a year is enough
What gives better water quality tank RO or tankless?

It’s equal

Can I connect my RO system to a fridge/chiller/heater?

Yes, we can provide this service

I heard NYC water is good. Why do I need a filter?
NYC water is good by itself, however NYC pipes are very old and made of lead and copper. So major water  contaminants of NYC are: chlorine, lead, copper and also high level of the sediment. Separate water problem is PFOS/PFOA, it’s a new contaminant that may cause cancer and RO filtration is the most effective way to remove it.
Do you have a warranty on your systems?

Yes, all our RO systems have a 3 years warranty.

Experience a Higher Water Standard for Yourself

We improve lives by improving water. With our custom water treatment services, you save on the important things – time, money, and health – so you can live better, work better, and feel better.

At this moment High Water Standard consists from highly experienced people. We do believe that to be a successful company you need to hire not a lot of people, but hire right people, and it is what High Water Standard does. If we combine our experience in water filter industry we will get at about 100 years. Are not we experienced but not old, ah?

We work in homes, apartments, offices, restaurants, medical facilities, and anywhere else that clean filtered water is desired. No matter your need or your location, we offer you full-service water treatment solutions, and guarantee your satisfaction.

We are water purification experts. And we don’t say that lightly. Over the last 15 years, we have improved the water standard for thousands of your fellow New Yorkers with our water treatment systems. We have serviced both commercial and residential clients.

We can install, repair, and perform maintenance on any water treatment system, even if your filter was installed by another company. Our water purification service range stretches across all five New York City boroughs: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Bronx, as well as Long Island.

All our photos are original and, although not always top-notch, were intentionally taken by water filter installation and maintenance professionals, and not by professional photographers.

Leah G.
Leah G.
Amazing business, kind people, fast response time, came quickly to install reverse osmosis water filter under our sink. I am so happy I chose High Water Standard. I would use them again and recommend to anyone wanting clean water in NYC!
Derek J.
Derek J.
Incredible service. Our complex is building owned so we did not know we couldn't drill into the counter. Igor let us know we would just need to buy a different faucet and he would come back the following week. He took the inconvenience in stride and was back the next week for installation. Communication between Igor and their team was so easy, they were on time, and installation went perfect. Such a great deal as well, we were going through so many water bottles, this system will pay for itself in no time. I couldn't recommend High Water Standard more! Thank you
Andy R.
Andy R.
We did quite a bit of research to select the installer of a reverse-osmosis filtration system for our condo in Brooklyn Heights. Even the glowing reviews we read didn't fully prepare us for the wonderful service we have received from Igor, Olena, and their High Water Standard company! The system they installed is top quality and included a new cutout through our marble kitchen island and a custom, dedicated faucet. The triple filtration system provides excellent quality water that we feel is vital to our health and happiness. Best of all, they are just a joy to work with! Igor is super friendly, prompt, and understands the power of clean water in your life. In our opinion, you should just stop reading reviews for anyone else. High Water Standard is the best choice there is!
Joujou N.
Joujou N.
I was sick and tired of the aweful water delivery service I was getting from Ready Refresh (formally Nestle) . Either they don't show up on the delivery date or they don't have enough water bottles or they ignore your instructions where to place the bottles. It was exhausting and I was fed up-not to mention the delivery fees and the cost was out of control. I also wasn't thrilled on having to lug those massive 5 gallon water jugs around. I was so happy when I found High Water Standard. They were very transparent about the process, installation, and the cost. I was very happy to work with Elena. She was very thorough and took her time to explain everything. We were able to get our installation done during the same week. Our technicians were absolutely delightful to work with and guided us on how to use our new water filtration system. A big shout out to Igor and Alex for doing such an amazing job. Go with High Water Standards you will not regret it.
Liliya K.
Liliya K.
I have been using the high water standard for over 5 years now, and it is the best investment I have made for my and my family's health. Igor and his crew are always so professional, reliable and knowledgeable. I have tried other water filters in the past but nothing compares to this amazing filter that the high water standard provides. My whole entire family uses it and loves the fact that the filtration system is unparalleled and that it is installed seamlessly by the crew. Definitely worth the investment for overall health and piece of mind!
Pedro M.
Pedro M.
Friendly and professional service. I spent nearly 4 month researching the right company to test and provide a water treatment solution for the poor quality water that I had. High Water Standard had a great rating and after doing some digging, they came highly recommended. From scheduling a water test to assess what treatment to recommend through the installation process, they were truly professionals. I had a lot of questions and Igor patiently provided answers. They provided a friendly, responsive and professional service experience. I am pleased to be part of the High Water Standard family and recommended them.
Jie C.
Jie C.
We asked for a quote and consultation and Igor was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. He came to our house to test the water and provided a ton of very useful information. He is the right guy to seek out if you are new to the water filtration topic. We really appreciate his help.
Veronica M.
Veronica M.
Have been with this company for over 10 year and they never disappoint with quality of product and their service. I just upgraded my water filter system. Everything was done promptly and with excellent quality. Igor and Edik have been always available for any issues and are super courteous and prompt. Their new employee who came to do the installation was the young man named Alex and was extremely professional, handy and quick. I highly recommend this company for any filtration system you need for your house, as they will give you just what you need unlike some others that will push on you what needs to be sold.
Mat G.
Mat G.
For 15 years I bought cases of bottled water every week, spending probably thousands of dollars every year. And luckily I was able to find a professional company that was able to install the filter water system for a reasonable fee. I am very satisfied with the quality of the water and the services provided by Igor. I strongly recommend high water standard.
Stephi L.
Stephi L.
Owner came to install my water osmosis and I couldn't be more pleased. Installed quickly, answered all of my questions, and the water is super clean. I got my own tester to make sure that the quality is aligned with their claims, and it sure does. I am also glad that I was able to support a family owned business too. Happy customer. Thank you!
Mysp Amaccount
Mysp Amaccount
High Water Standard was great. Emailed them about SimPure water filter we had purchased. They ensured we get the right faucet for the install, checked photos of our under sink space and connections and then came to do the install. Very friendly and helpful. Perfect installation. Looks clean and tidy and well organized under our sink now. Thank you!
Hong Chan Kim
Hong Chan Kim
Igor was very friendly and explained everything clearly on how the system works. Happy with the setup. Smooth process. No mess. Water tastes 100x better. Highly recommend!
Kamco Inc
Kamco Inc
Great family owned business. Love working with them. They did a great job on three separate occasions that they installed water filtration system for us. Will definitely recommend them any time.
Maria Kubiak
Maria Kubiak
Got water filter installed on a few days ago. It’s a life changing experience— everything tastes much better, food that you cook, coffee, tea, and off course water itself). From the very beginning all service provided was very professional. Knowledgeable consulting, impeccable mess free installation. If you planning to upgrade your water quality there is no other place to go.
Lily Andrews
Lily Andrews
Good customer service. Efficient installation. Quality of the water seems high! Prices also seem fair; especially the offer to move an installed filter to a new apartment.
Nataly Ulianitskaya
Nataly Ulianitskaya
Great job, quick and professional!!!
Tomer Cohen
Tomer Cohen
Very friendly and professional. Whole process from reach out to installation took 5 days. Installation was smooth as can be
Dave Kalstein
Dave Kalstein
Great company, very high-end, full-service! Their installation technician, Igor, is an expert and a true professional. When I decided I wanted an entirely different water after he did the initial installation, Igor came back and replaced it with the model I wanted within 24 hours and there was no extra charge. These people are filtered water experts and their customer service is fantastic. Highly recommend.
Claudia Cantarella
Claudia Cantarella
Excellent service from start to finish. Prompt communication, interaction with building management, and scheduling. Installation was professional and efficient. RO water filtration system works beautifully. Very pleased overall. Would highly recommend.

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