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Nowadays, many people recklessly reduce the still water consumption or even refuse to consume it, replacing it with soda, tea and coffee. However, tea, coffee, sweet soda, as well as all other drinks, are not able to provide a decent amount of moisture to the human body.

Moreover, drinking pure liquid helps tremendously in preventing various diseases. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body, which allows you to quickly defeat any infection.

Water is considered to be a powerful tool in weight loss. It has strong suppressive properties; in other words, it is an excellent hunger suppressor. Scientists have proven that in many cases when we feel hunger, our body requires water. In some cases, just a glass of water is enough to fulfill the body.

Also, drinking a glass of water before a meal, starts the most complex metabolic processes, which helps us to be satisfied with a much smaller amount of food than usual. Water is the guarantor of heart health.

Daily consumption of the required amount of still water guarantees our heart excellent health, for many years, and significantly reduces the development of the risk of a heart attack. There is no energy without water. Even the loss of 1% of this liquid can cause feelings of fatigue in the body.

When you are thirsty, it is a true sign that you have already dehydrated. If you do not immediately replenish this fluid in the body, it can lead to irreversible effects. That is why it is so essential for a human to receive a decent amount of this pure liquid every day.

It is no secret that the quality of pure drinking water on our planet is deteriorating markedly every year. There are many reasons and factors: environmental pollution, ozone layer destruction, global climate change and many others. The citizens of large metropolitan areas, such as New York, suffer from low water quality more than those who live in the countryside. How can we protect ourselves from dirty water entering our everyday life? The answer is simple: purifying filters.

It is the easiest and the most affordable way to protect you and your family from any water pollution issues. High Water Standard professionals are ready to take over all tasks related to providing you with the best water purifying systems, directly to your household.

Every room in your house has different needs when it comes to water. The specific taste and smell of raw water can spoil a cooked dish or drink. Therefore, we at the High Water Standard company are certain, that it’s necessary to provide individual kitchen water filtration systems. The requirements for a kitchen water filtration system are much higher, than in other cases, like washing clothes, flushing a toilet, or watering a garden.

A kitchen sink water filter supplies us with drinking water – the core basis of a healthy lifestyle. Have you ever wanted to own a source of clean and delicious drinking water, located right in your kitchen? High Water Standard masters are ready to make your wish come true! Our experts will select a water filtration system for the kitchen sink in accordance with your environmental, household and budget.

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The kitchen sink water filter is an essential home gadget that removes bacteria and viruses, chlorine, metals, nitrates, tastes, odors, volatile organic compounds, such as pesticides from the water, making it safe and delicious to drink. A water filtration system for the kitchen sink has become a must-have for people who live in big cities and want to take care of their health. High Water Standard specialists will help you to install a kitchen faucet water filter or any kitchen water filtration system and provide the best kitchen water filter for your home.

Choosing a kitchen water filter is one of the most important steps in forming your family’s healthy habits. Moreover, the best kitchen water filter is absolutely not as expensive as you might think.

High Water Standard specialists will be glad to help you choose the right kitchen sink water filter from different options including: under the sink kitchen water filter, faucet mount kitchen water filters, countertop kitchen water filter and a reverse-osmosis water filtration system for the kitchen sink. Let’s talk about the different kinds of water purifying systems more specifically.

Under the Sink Kitchen Water Filter Systems

An under the sink water filter is installed under the kitchen sink, and linked to the water pipes with the help of special connectors. It is one of the most popular water filtration systems for the kitchen sink. An under the sink water filter purifies tap water and outputs it to the special faucet. If there is not enough space under the sink, High Water Standard specialists will help you to install the best under the sink water filter system, using the wall placement.

The best under the sink water filter can provide a significant improvement to your drinking tap water and saves your money, so you don’t need to buy bottled water in supermarkets. A kitchen water filtration system provides pure water, suitable for drinking and cooking. The structure of an under the sink water filter consists of modules that are linked in series.

The best under the sink water filter system consists of three stages from the primary purification of tap water to the final stage of the water filtration system for the kitchen sink. Due to the presence of several phases, a kitchen water filter uses different methods of purification (mechanical kitchen sink water filter, sorbent, silver particles, etc.), so that the water is purified far more deeply. That’s why the best under the sink water filters completely remove pieces of rust and dirt, microorganisms, and unpleasant odors (the smell of chlorine from the water in particular).

We at High Water Standard provide the modules that make up the kitchen sink water filter and help you to choose the right types of filter cartridges.

Faucet Mount Water Filters

The faucet mount water filter is a small device, which most often has a cylindrical, elongated shape. This type of kitchen water filter is designed for kitchen areas that are not very large. The faucet mount water filters remove metal particles, organics, chlorine and other harmful compounds from the tap water.

There are two groups of such kitchen sink water filters:

  1. Removable kitchen faucet water filters – used only when you need some clean water (to fill a mug or kettle for example)
  2. Permanent-mounted kitchen faucet water filters, which are installed on the faucet once, and then require changing of the special cartridges to keep the best purifying quality of the kitchen water filter.

The faucet mount water filters are recommended by High Water Standard specialists for those who want to install a good kitchen sink water filter and save money.
Countertop Water Filter

Our Portfolio: Filters For Kitchen

All counter top water filters have a tube with an adapter, that is connected to the kitchen faucet. When you turn on the cold water, it pours through the countertop water filtration system and goes out of the special tap. The faucet is attached to the counter top water filter device itself.

The faucet of the countertop water filtration system unit is designed accurately to fit the counter. High Water Standard specialists will help you to install the best countertop filter, that will accurately suit your kitchen sink.

The best countertop water filters are very comfortable, because they don’t require you to switch the filter tap on and off. Just use your kitchen sink normally and get your pure and tasty water.

The best countertop filter, installed by High Water Standard, will allow you to not waste purified water on washing dishes and fruits. One thing that you have to remember: hot water ruins even the best countertop water filter, so it’s essential to make sure that you turn on cold water, when using this kind of filter.

Reverse-Osmosis Filters for the Kitchen Sink

The reverse osmosis water filter for the kitchen sink consists of a kitchen water filter unit, a membrane, a storage tank and a tap for purified water. First, the water passes through a two-stage filter that protects the membrane from large particles, chlorine and dissolved iron, and then through a membrane of a kitchen sink water filter that purifies the water from 99% of all impurities and minerals and makes the water almost distilled. After that, the water is collected in the tank, where it is fed to a separate tap.

Distilled water has no taste, so reverse osmosis kitchen water filters are often equipped with a mineralizer. It saturates the water with minerals that give the taste back to the water. The mineralizer can be combined with a carbon kitchen sink water filter or installed separately.

The reverse osmosis kitchen sink water filter cleans the water from all impurities, including bacteria and viruses, and makes the water soft. This water does not leave scum when boiled, and when washing your hair and body does not dry the skin.
The reverse osmosis kitchen water filtration system consumes a lot of water — about 70% of the water and after going through the kitchen water filter goes into the sewer and only 30% enters the tank for purified water.

High Water Standard masters will professionally install the reverse osmosis filter system to the water system. Our professionals will provide replacement of reverse osmosis kitchen sink water filters, that should be carried out once every six months. The membrane should be changed every two years. The reverse osmosis kitchen water filter is the most effective and therefore most expensive type of water purifying system.

The presence of organic matter in the water (microbes, bacteria, viruses) can harm kids, elderly people and those who struggle with allergies. The reverse osmosis system is the best at preventing any harmful elements – its membrane will securely remove any bacteria with microbes, as well as parasite eggs.

Our Portfolio: Filters For Kitchen

To achieve a one hundred percent success rate (sometimes bacteria have extremely small size and still slip through the pores of the membrane), High Water Standard masters provide a special UV filter, which completely disinfects the water. In some cases, you need a standard water purifying system, which is equipped with a UV cleaning module.

High Water Standard specialists help you to determine what kind of kitchen water filtration system to choose. We always look at the quality of the water. Water quality can be different in each house and apartment. It depends not only on the source of the water supply, but also on other factors. The quality of water pipes in particular, plays a very prominent role in this case: if the pipes are old and rusty, then the water will inevitably be contaminated with an excess of iron and pieces of rust. There also may be bacterial contaminations, that can cause intestinal infections and gastric disorders.

High Water Standard specialists will advise you, which system (and cartridges) can better cope with water pollution in your exact situation.

We, at High Water Standard, are happy to provide you with highly qualified expert help in the installation of water purification systems of any complexity. We install, fix and provide high-quality water purifying service, in the greater New York City area.

Dear New Yorkers! Call us now! High Water Standard specialists will help you to choose and install the type of water purifying system that will suit your lifestyle and budget. High Water Standard is waiting for your call today, so tomorrow you can enjoy a clean and healthy water source at home!

We believe at High Water Standard that the right water purification system is one of the most essential steps on the road to a healthy lifestyle, caring more about nature and conscious consumption.

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