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Tap water in the United States is tested and well-regulated. However, it is definitely not free from chemicals, which you wouldn’t want to cook with or consume in any form. It turns out that the most effective, cost-efficient and eco-friendly solution is installing a kitchen water filter.

At the very least, municipal tap water will be chlorinated. But you can also find fluoride, which in many cities is mistakenly considered to help with dental health.

Many people intuitively turn away from tap water without realizing that bottled water doesn’t pose an effective solution either. First of all, bottled water is federally regulated to the same degree as tap water so there are no requirements for manufacturers to make it any cleaner. Also, your environmental footprint increases to a significant extent.

Our Portfolio: Filters For Kitchen

High Water Standard offers a range of solutions for your kitchen water varying in design, size, and price. We want our clients to have the best product possible, which is why we offer many customization options. Our portfolio features some of our models and you should remember that our unique systems are something we are proud to offer. High Water Standard can help you with water treatment system installation for your kitchen.

A quality water filter pays for itself, particularly if you normally go for bottled water. Overall, a little investment in improving the quality of water is nothing compared to the benefits to you, your health and the environment in the long run.

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