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Install water treatment system to protect your family, the environment, and your pocketbook. High Water Standard offers comprehensive water treatment services:
we can install water filters, repair, and maintain them. We provide water filter installation service in the greater New York City area.

Water Filter Installation Recommended by Environmental Working Group

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According to the 2017 Environmental Working Group (EWG) report on public tap water, New York water tested above the national average for six dangerous chemicals including:

  • Bromodichloromethane
  • Chloroform
  • Chromium (hexavalent)
  • Dichloroacetic Acid
  • Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs)
  • Trichloroacetic Acid

Each of these chemicals is known to cause cancer in humans. And this list doesn’t even take into account the other harmful Nitrates and Chlorates that the EWG found in New York’s water supply.

These contaminates enter the water supply in a number of ways:

  • Water Treatment Centers Add Chemicals
  • Chemical Run off From Industry Ends Up in Water Beds
  • Fertilizers, Pet Waste, and Cleaning Products Seep into the Water Table

All of these chemicals find their way into streams, reservoirs, and then ultimately into your home. So, what can you do to protect yourself? In their report, the EWG recommends finding a good water filter system for home to remove dangerous chemicals from your drinking water.

3 Ways Water Filtration Systems Improve Your Life

Health, Finances, Environment

We have already discussed the disturbing EWG report findings about New York’s tap water. So, you already know that filtered water is healthier for you than tap water. But, have you considered the environmental and financial benefits of a water filtration system? Here are 3 ways that a water filter installation will improve your daily life:



Water is the most important component of your body. According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry, 60% of the human body is made up of water.

If your drinking water is contaminated with dangerous chemicals, you are unintentionally harming every organ, tissue, and bone in your body.

Better for the Environment

Water filters reduce waste by reducing the need to purchase bottled drinking water.Last year, Americans used 50 billion plastic water bottles.

Some of that plastic can be recycled and reused, but a lot of it eventually ends up in landfills or swirling around in the ocean.


Financial Benefits

A one-time investment in a home water filter saves you money in the long run.Did you know that the average New York Family

spends $36 dollars a month on bottled water for drinking?
That adds up to $432 a year.

Bonus Benefit: Your cooking will improve! Clean, fresh, chemical-free water is not only for drinking, it’s also great for cooking. Try pasta or rice cooked in filtered water and you will really taste the difference!

Experience a Higher Water
Standard for Yourself

We improve lives by improving water. With our custom water treatment
services, you save on the important things – time, money, and health – so you
can live better, work better, and feel better.

How to Determine the Best Water Filter for You

The three main systems we offer are: single-level, multi-level, and custom water filters.

We go out of our way to ensure that your water treatment system functions properly because we believe that you deserve clean water. But the benefits of a good water filtration system are not limited to your personal health.
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Single-Level Water Filters. Cost $50-$200

Single-Level Water Filters. Cost $50-$200

The best water filtration system for you depends on a number of factors such as your location and personal needs. Fortunately, High Water Standard carries a wide range of water filters, so we can always find the right solution for you. The most basic water filtration system uses activated carbon to screen out sediments and other contaminants. You get better quality than bottled water but in a much greener, more convenient way. Right from your tap!


Single-Level Water Filter Pros

+ Better Filtration than Bottled Water

+ Easy to Install and Maintain

+ Easy to Move to a New Location


Single-Level Water Filter Cons

-+ Cannot Filter Out Some Micro-Chemicals

+ Cartridge Must be Changed Every 3 Months

+ Higher Cost per Gallon than More Advanced Systems

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Multi-Level Water Treatment Systems. Cost $300-$600

Most cost effective water filter

Most commonly, this type of system is called a reverse osmosis water filter. Basically, reverse osmosis systems work by pushing tap water through a membrane that traps any chemicals larger than a water molecule. This effectively eliminates potentially harmful chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, lead, cadmium and iron from your drinking water.


Single-Level Water Filter Pros

+ Higher Filtering Level than Bottled Water

+ Only Requires Yearly Maintenance

+ Cheaper per Gallon than Bottled Water


Single-Level Water Filter Cons

+ Requires Professional Installation and Maintenance

+ May Need to Be Paired with a Carbon Filter to Screen Out Heavy Metals

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Custom Water Filtration Systems. Cost $600+

Best water filter system for house

Everyone has unique water needs, based on your location, the source of your public water, local environment, and personal health. With a custom system, you get water filtration that is specifically designed for your home or office. First, we analyze your water to identify any problem areas. Such a test rates your water’s levels of:

+ pH

+ Water Hardness

+ Dissolved Solids

+ Chlorine

+ Manganese

+ Copper

+ Iron

+ Iron Bacteria

Based on the findings of our test, we design a water filter to remove all harmful contaminants. This could include a reverse osmosis system, activated carbon filter, or both. Also, an important difference between a custom system and a multi-level system is the ability to add healthy minerals to your water. We will access your personal water needs, and use mineral additives to address any concerns. For example, if you know that you have a zinc deficiency, we can design a filter that adds safe amounts of zinc to your water to help boost your zinc levels naturally.

Water filtration system + Mineral additives

Perfectly healthy water for YOU

Single-Level Water Filter Pros

+ Guarantees Optimal Water Quality

+ Much Safer than Unfiltered Tap Water – No Chemicals or Heavy Metals

+ Mineral Additives Provide Healthy Amounts of the Nutrients You Need


Single-Level Water Filter Cons

+ Larger Initial Financial Investment

+ Longer Installation Time

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New York Water Filter Company

We are located on 1938 Stillwell Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11223. Call: 718-407-9357 for an appointment

We are water filter experts. And we don’t say that lightly. In our 15 years of business, we have satisfied thousands of customers, by providing them with clean, safe drinking water. And, our team of service technicians can do the same for you. We can install, repair, and perform maintenance on any water treatment system, even if your filter was installed by another company.

Of course, there are many water filtration system companies in New York. But we are the only one that combines experience and expertise with thoughtful, personal care. We offer all our customers:

  • A 3-Month Money Back Guarantee On All Water Filtering Systems
  • A 3-Year Parts Warranty On All Installations and Parts
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Customized Water Filter Systems for Homes By Zip Code
  • Service to All 5 Burroughs, North New Jersey, Upstate, and Long Island

Types of Water Filters We Work With

All makes, All models, All manufacturers
We can install any type filter in any location. Here are some of the options we offer:


By Type

  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Iron Removal
  • Acid Neutralization
  • Custom Design Water Filters


By Place

    • Whole House Water Treatment Systems
    • Under Sink Water Filters
    • Countertop Filters
    • Faucet Mount Filters
    • Shower Filters

We not only install but also service and repair all of the above systems, even if your filterwas installed by another company.

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Where Does A Water Filter Install?

Water filters can be installed in a number of places in your home. They are:

  • Whole House Water Filter Installation – installs on your main water line and filters all water before it enters your home
  • Under Sink Water Treatment Systems Installation – installs under your kitchen sink, and filters water before it enters your tap
  • Countertop Water Filtration System Installation – installs as a separate tap on your countertop for filtered water on-demand
  • In Water Cooler Installation – installs inside your refrigerator for convenient, cold, filtered water anytime

The best location for your water filter system will depend on the type of filter you choose and your usage demands. We work with both commercial and residential water treatment systems.

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If you are unsure which water filtration system is right for you, we offer free professional consultations to help determine your best option. Just click the link below to schedule your free consultation and move one step closer to clean, safe, filtered water.

A Water Filtration System Will Improve Your Life

Best water filter system for house

Maybe you are skeptical, thinking that New York water can’t be that bad. Sure, the chemical levels are not technically illegal by federal standards, but that doesn’t make them safe. Cigarettes are legal. Alcohol is legal. Small amounts of cancer causing chemicals in tap water are legal. But, is this really something you want to leave to chance? Even when there is a simple, affordable solution?

If the health of your family, the environment, and your finances is important to you, then consider a water treatment system from High Water Standard. For the price of a year’s supply of bottled water, you can have clean, filtered water in your home all the time. Our water filter installation service takes as little as two to three hours and can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and peace of mind.

And remember, we offer a 3-month money back guarantee on all our systems – no questions asked. You really have nothing to lose – except those chemicals from your current tap water.

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