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A reverse osmosis water system delivers great-tasting water to your home or business without breaking your budget. But do you know exactly how it works, that it can be used under sinks, attach to an ice-maker, or that you can purchase a whole house or commercial RO water system, and it can improve your quality of life?
They are also commonly used by homebrewers and by those who have aquariums as well as a host of industries such as pharmaceutical, laboratories, food and beverage and mining to remove a variety of impurities, salts, bacteria, dyes, proteins and other contaminants from their water supply.

To help answer your questions about a reverse osmosis water system we will discuss:

  • The definition of a reverse osmosis water filtration system
  • How reverse osmosis works
  • The benefits of reverse osmosis drinking water
  • The function of a reverse osmosis filter
  • The essential components of a whole house reverse osmosis water system
  • Stages of the reverse osmosis water filtration process
  • Which contaminants a whole house reverse osmosis water system removes
  • Differences among reverse osmosis drinking water system and filter types
  • How you can get a reverse osmosis water system for home
  • Servicing and maintenance of a reverse osmosis system
  • The lifespan of a reverse osmosis drinking water system
  • What is reverse osmosis drinking water?

Definition of a Reverse Osmosis Water System

What does reverse osmosis mean? Reverse osmosis is technology that removes most of the contaminants found in regular drinking water, such as dissolved salts, bacteria, colloids and pyrogens. It works by creating pressure, forcing water through a reverse osmosis membrane, which filters out large particles. After the process is complete, waste products and contaminants on the “concentrate” side go directly down the drain, leaving clean water for drinking on the “permeate” side.

How Reverse Osmosis Works in More Detail

A high-pressure pump forces tap water through the reverse osmosis membrane. Unfiltered water contains concentrated contaminants and is known as the reject or “concentrate” stream.
The water penetrates the reverse osmosis membrane under pressure, allowing water molecules to pass through but preventing contaminants from doing the same. The concentrate stream then exits the system via normal sewage or waste disposal pipes.

What Does a Reverse Osmosis Filter Do?

Many contaminants, particularly those which negatively affect the taste and odor of water, do not fall under EPA regulations and, therefore, may be present in tap water. It is common to find tap water with a bad smell or taste, even though it usually is safe to drink. Reverse osmosis improves it by filtering out impurities, leaving you with excellent-tasting, refreshing drinking water.
A reverse osmosis water filtration system:

  • Provides great-tasting water
  • Is safe and effective
  • Works automatically
  • Is affordable

Basic Components of a Reverse Osmosis System

Aside from the reverse osmosis membrane, other components of a reverse osmosis system include pre- and post-filters, which help to protect the system from sediment in tap water and further enhance the taste of your drinking water.
A storage tank typically holds two to four gallons of water, and your system will automatically refill the supply, ensuring you have a constant flow of safe, tasty drinking water. Your system will come with a special faucet to fit on your sink, providing you with reverse osmosis drinking water.
Other components include the cold water line valve that feeds water into the system and an automatic shut-off valve to prevent your storage tank from overfilling.

Stages of Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

Many systems have multiple stages to ensure the long life of the system and effective removal of a variety of contaminants. Here are some standard functions of reverse osmosis filtration systems:

  • Sediment removal — The pre-filter removes large, rough particles such as sand and rust, which can damage the system.
  • Carbon removal — A carbon filter works to remove chlorine and other chemicals that pose a risk to the reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Reverse osmosis — This purifies water and removes dissolved solids, including anything larger than the water molecules.
  • Storage tank — The water is then transferred to the storage tank, ready to be dispensed via your special faucet.
  • Final carbon filter — Another carbon filter removes any unusual tastes or odors that the water may have picked up from the tank.

What Contaminants Does Reverse Osmosis Remove from Water?

Reverse osmosis is effective in removing up to 99%+ of dissolved salts, or “ions,” organics, bacteria, pyrogens colloids, and particles from water. Note that it does not guarantee complete removal of bacteria and viruses from the water supply. Any contaminant with a molecular weight of over 200 is likely to exit water during reverse osmosis filtration.
Ionic charge is also significant. The greater the ionic charge of a contaminant, the higher the likelihood of reverse osmosis successfully filtering it out. It is more effective at filtering calcium, which has two charges, compared to sodium, a monovalent particle with one charge.

Differences Among Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems and Filters

There are many different reverse osmosis water filtration systems on the market. While one reverse osmosis water system may look like the next regarding design and components, there can be substantial differences between systems. The key ways in which reverse osmosis systems differ are:

  • The number of stages
  • How many gallons of water they can filter per day
  • Component quality

Component quality may be the most significant difference. In our experience, spanning over 15 years in the industry, we’ve found the quality of components can vary considerably. Superior craftsmanship results in better-quality water.
When purchasing a reverse osmosis water system, always look for trusted manufacturers, with FDA- and NSF-approved materials and good reviews.

However, it’s also essential to conduct research and find out if the filter you’re buying filters the right contaminants for your area’s water supply. At High Water Standard, we can help you to make a smart choice when purchasing your reverse osmosis water filter.
Different systems also perform various functions.

  • Point-of-use (POU) systems filter water at a specific faucet you use for drinking water. You can also connect reverse osmosis filtration systems to supply your refrigerator and ice maker so you can enjoy pure and refreshing drinking water on demand.
  • Point-of-entry (POE) systems filter the entire water supply within your home. This means you’ll have the benefits of purified water for all your appliances and faucets in the house. Reduced calcium content in your water supply can extend the life of your appliances by preventing limescale.
  • Commercial systems may vary considerably. In some cases, large commercial reverse osmosis filtration systems use electric pumps to generate water pressure. Even in these cases, power consumption is typically lower than alternative filtration methods.

At High Water Standard, we provide a variety of large reverse osmosis systems to meet the requirements of your business or home.

What Are the Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System?

  1. It eliminates sodium
    A key advantage of using a reverse osmosis water filtration system is the removal of sodium from your water supply. Water softeners only remove hard water minerals like iron, leaving sodium behind, which can contribute to high blood pressure, liver problems, and kidney disease.
  2. It eliminates lead
    Reverse osmosis effectively eliminates lead, which may cause an array of health issues. Scientists have linked lead to fertility problems, nerve and brain damage, and more.
  3. It lowers energy costs
    Generally, reverse osmosis systems consume less energy. High efficiency allows for savings on your electricity bills while providing you with some of the purest water possible.
  4. It takes up little space
    A reverse osmosis water system can either fit under the kitchen sink or in a corner, ideal for a home with limited space. If you require a more constant supply of purified water, larger systems with greater capacity are available as well. You can find the right system for your home or business, regardless of size.
  5. It’s easy to maintain
    Routine maintenance only includes replacing filters every six months or so. You can replace the filters yourself or call a professional company like High Water Standard to do it for you.
  6. It produces better-tasting water
    Taste is personal to everyone. However, reverse osmosis systems remove minerals such as chlorine and iron which commonly affect the odor and taste of water. If you dislike the smell of chlorine or the subtle taste of iron in your drinking water, reverse osmosis could provide you with a solution.
  7. It replaces bottled water
    Many bottled water companies use reverse osmosis to purify their water, which means you can save money by simply bottling water from the tap. It will always be right there whenever you’re thirsty, heading out for a run, or going to work.

How Much Service and Maintenance Does a Reverse Osmosis System Require?

One benefit of a reverse osmosis drinking water system is its ease of maintenance. You normally won’t have to even look at the filters for six months or perhaps even longer. Here are the most common schedules for changing filters:

  • Sediment and carbon pre-filters — once every 6 to 12 months
  • Reverse osmosis membrane — every 2 to 3 years
  • Carbon post-filter — once a year

This is just a general guideline. Check with your manufacturer regarding the specifics of your filters. If you aren’t sure, give us a call, and we’ll provide you with a system evaluation.
Our reverse osmosis systems work without electricity, instead relying on water pressure. Some commercial systems require electrically powered pumps, but energy consumption is relatively low.
We also recommend you conduct annual maintenance to sanitize your filter systems and change any filters as necessary. Our water treatment professionals can handle this for you. If you’re a do-it-yourself type, we also carry kits and filters required to perform maintenance independently.

How Long Does a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System Last?

Properly maintained systems that receive regular cleanings and filter changes at recommended intervals can last for as long as 10 to 15 years. We recommend you acquire replacement filters directly from us. Our filters provide the highest quality and optimal performance to help keep your system running longer.

Q: Is it safe to drink reverse osmosis water?

A: Distilled and reverse osmosis water both lack minerals. However, ingesting purified water doesn’t harm your body in any way.

Q: Is reverse osmosis water acidic or alkaline?

A: Reverse osmosis can reduce ordinary water’s pH of 7 down to around 5.5 or lower, becoming acidic. If you wish to alkalize the water, you must add minerals such as calcium to raise its pH.

Q: Is bottled water reverse osmosis?

A: Yes. Bottle water companies often use reverse osmosis to purify their water. A reverse osmosis system at home or work provides the same purity of water directly from the tap.

Q: Does reverse osmosis remove bacteria?

A: It removes bacteria and viruses from water, as they cannot pass through the reverse osmosis membrane. Also, it also blocks out smaller molecules such as salt.

Q: Is drinking reverse osmosis water bad for you?

A: A reverse osmosis water system minimizes the concentrations of contaminants in ordinary water, which reduces allergic reactions to the chemicals or minerals found in it. Reverse osmosis water lacks minerals, but that doesn’t mean ingesting purified water is bad for you.

Q: Does reverse osmosis remove fluoride?

A: A 2008 University of Nebraska guide indicates that reverse osmosis removes many dissolved minerals from water, including calcium and magnesium, plus pesticide contaminants and solid particles. The guide further suggests that reverse osmosis systems filter out fluoride from water.

Q: Does reverse osmosis remove chlorine?

A: Reverse osmosis systems include both a reverse osmosis membrane and a carbon filter system. Together, these filters are highly effective at filtering out chloramines.

Q: Does reverse osmosis remove lead?

A: Properly functioning reverse osmosis systems are effective at removing many common chemical contaminants. These include chloride, copper, chromium, sodium, and lead.

Get Yourself a Reverse Osmosis Water System for Home

At High Water Standard, we aim to educate by explaining what a reverse osmosis water system is and how the process works. You might still have some questions or be considering RO water filter installation in your home or business premises.
Let us offer you some advice on the reverse osmosis systems which are right for you and explain why. It’s up to you if you decide to make a purchase.
Our goal is to provide homes and businesses with the best water treatment solution. During our 15 years in the industry, we’ve had the opportunity to serve New Yorkers with water treatment systems, spanning all five New York City boroughs, North New Jersey, Upstate, and Long Island.
By improving water, we improve lives. Our custom water treatment services can help you save on important things like time, and money, improve your health and quality of life. The right reverse osmosis water filtration system can provide you with a constant supply of pure water.
Contact High Water Standard today. Our team of experts is happy to answer your questions and help you make an informed choice on which water filtration system is most suitable for your home or business.

Experience a Higher Water Standard for Yourself

We improve lives by improving water. With our custom water treatment services, you save on the important things – time, money, and health – so you can live better, work better, and feel better.

At this moment High Water Standard consists from highly experienced people. We do believe that to be a successful company you need to hire not a lot of people, but hire right people, and it is what High Water Standard does. If we combine our experience in water filter industry we will get at about 100 years. Are not we experienced but not old, ah?

We work in homes, apartments, offices, restaurants, medical facilities, and anywhere else that clean filtered water is desired. No matter your need or your location, we offer you full-service water treatment solutions, and guarantee your satisfaction.

We are water purification experts. And we don’t say that lightly. Over the last 15 years, we have improved the water standard for thousands of your fellow New Yorkers with our water treatment systems. We have serviced both commercial and residential clients.

We can install, repair, and perform maintenance on any water treatment system, even if your filter was installed by another company. Our water purification service range stretches across all five New York City boroughs: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Bronx, as well as Long Island.

All our photos are original and, although not always top-notch, were intentionally taken by water filter installation and maintenance professionals, and not by professional photographers.

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Leah G.
Amazing business, kind people, fast response time, came quickly to install reverse osmosis water filter under our sink. I am so happy I chose High Water Standard. I would use them again and recommend to anyone wanting clean water in NYC!
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Derek J.
Incredible service. Our complex is building owned so we did not know we couldn't drill into the counter. Igor let us know we would just need to buy a different faucet and he would come back the following week. He took the inconvenience in stride and was back the next week for installation. Communication between Igor and their team was so easy, they were on time, and installation went perfect. Such a great deal as well, we were going through so many water bottles, this system will pay for itself in no time. I couldn't recommend High Water Standard more! Thank you
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Andy R.
We did quite a bit of research to select the installer of a reverse-osmosis filtration system for our condo in Brooklyn Heights. Even the glowing reviews we read didn't fully prepare us for the wonderful service we have received from Igor, Olena, and their High Water Standard company! The system they installed is top quality and included a new cutout through our marble kitchen island and a custom, dedicated faucet. The triple filtration system provides excellent quality water that we feel is vital to our health and happiness. Best of all, they are just a joy to work with! Igor is super friendly, prompt, and understands the power of clean water in your life. In our opinion, you should just stop reading reviews for anyone else. High Water Standard is the best choice there is!
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Joujou N.
I was sick and tired of the aweful water delivery service I was getting from Ready Refresh (formally Nestle) . Either they don't show up on the delivery date or they don't have enough water bottles or they ignore your instructions where to place the bottles. It was exhausting and I was fed up-not to mention the delivery fees and the cost was out of control. I also wasn't thrilled on having to lug those massive 5 gallon water jugs around. I was so happy when I found High Water Standard. They were very transparent about the process, installation, and the cost. I was very happy to work with Elena. She was very thorough and took her time to explain everything. We were able to get our installation done during the same week. Our technicians were absolutely delightful to work with and guided us on how to use our new water filtration system. A big shout out to Igor and Alex for doing such an amazing job. Go with High Water Standards you will not regret it.
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Liliya K.
I have been using the high water standard for over 5 years now, and it is the best investment I have made for my and my family's health. Igor and his crew are always so professional, reliable and knowledgeable. I have tried other water filters in the past but nothing compares to this amazing filter that the high water standard provides. My whole entire family uses it and loves the fact that the filtration system is unparalleled and that it is installed seamlessly by the crew. Definitely worth the investment for overall health and piece of mind!
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Pedro M.
Friendly and professional service. I spent nearly 4 month researching the right company to test and provide a water treatment solution for the poor quality water that I had. High Water Standard had a great rating and after doing some digging, they came highly recommended. From scheduling a water test to assess what treatment to recommend through the installation process, they were truly professionals. I had a lot of questions and Igor patiently provided answers. They provided a friendly, responsive and professional service experience. I am pleased to be part of the High Water Standard family and recommended them.
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Jie C.
We asked for a quote and consultation and Igor was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. He came to our house to test the water and provided a ton of very useful information. He is the right guy to seek out if you are new to the water filtration topic. We really appreciate his help.
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Veronica M.
Have been with this company for over 10 year and they never disappoint with quality of product and their service. I just upgraded my water filter system. Everything was done promptly and with excellent quality. Igor and Edik have been always available for any issues and are super courteous and prompt. Their new employee who came to do the installation was the young man named Alex and was extremely professional, handy and quick. I highly recommend this company for any filtration system you need for your house, as they will give you just what you need unlike some others that will push on you what needs to be sold.
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Mat G.
For 15 years I bought cases of bottled water every week, spending probably thousands of dollars every year. And luckily I was able to find a professional company that was able to install the filter water system for a reasonable fee. I am very satisfied with the quality of the water and the services provided by Igor. I strongly recommend high water standard.
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Stephi L.
Owner came to install my water osmosis and I couldn't be more pleased. Installed quickly, answered all of my questions, and the water is super clean. I got my own tester to make sure that the quality is aligned with their claims, and it sure does. I am also glad that I was able to support a family owned business too. Happy customer. Thank you!
Mysp Amaccount
Mysp Amaccount
High Water Standard was great. Emailed them about SimPure water filter we had purchased. They ensured we get the right faucet for the install, checked photos of our under sink space and connections and then came to do the install. Very friendly and helpful. Perfect installation. Looks clean and tidy and well organized under our sink now. Thank you!
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Hong Chan Kim
Igor was very friendly and explained everything clearly on how the system works. Happy with the setup. Smooth process. No mess. Water tastes 100x better. Highly recommend!
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Kamco Inc
Great family owned business. Love working with them. They did a great job on three separate occasions that they installed water filtration system for us. Will definitely recommend them any time.
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Maria Kubiak
Got water filter installed on a few days ago. It’s a life changing experience— everything tastes much better, food that you cook, coffee, tea, and off course water itself). From the very beginning all service provided was very professional. Knowledgeable consulting, impeccable mess free installation. If you planning to upgrade your water quality there is no other place to go.
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Lily Andrews
Good customer service. Efficient installation. Quality of the water seems high! Prices also seem fair; especially the offer to move an installed filter to a new apartment.
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Nataly Ulianitskaya
Great job, quick and professional!!!
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Tomer Cohen
Very friendly and professional. Whole process from reach out to installation took 5 days. Installation was smooth as can be
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Dave Kalstein
Great company, very high-end, full-service! Their installation technician, Igor, is an expert and a true professional. When I decided I wanted an entirely different water after he did the initial installation, Igor came back and replaced it with the model I wanted within 24 hours and there was no extra charge. These people are filtered water experts and their customer service is fantastic. Highly recommend.
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Claudia Cantarella
Excellent service from start to finish. Prompt communication, interaction with building management, and scheduling. Installation was professional and efficient. RO water filtration system works beautifully. Very pleased overall. Would highly recommend.

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