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We can repair water filtering systems in New York. We can repair your water filter.

Water filter systems are incredibly convenient for the home or the office, but they are fallible – they break down sometimes. And that’s where we come in! Water filter repairs are our business.

High Water Standard has the expertise, experience, and training to assist you with any water purification problems, including water filter repairs. We provide water treatment repairs, installations, and maintenance services for virtually any type of water filtering system throughout all the New York Boroughs and in Northern New Jersey.

How Does a Water Filter Work?

There are five basic types of water filters: Mechanical, Absorption, Sequestration, Ion Exchange, and Reverse Osmosis. Each type uses a different method for water purification:

  • A mechanical filter physically removes contaminants from your water system by using a mesh or pore structure.
  • An absorption water filter is the most common household filter. Most use granulate active carbon (GAC) to absorb unpleasant odors or odd tastes.
  • Sequestration water filters use chemicals to keep any calcium or magnesium in the water from causing corrosion or scale to form.
  • An ion exchange water filtration system softens your water by exchanging magnesium and calcium ions with sodium or hydrogen ions.
  • Reverse Osmosis uses a more complicated but very effective method of filtering your water. It forces your water through several different filters. This makes it more expensive but also, when operating correctly, provides 99.9% pure water.

Some residences and businesses may even have a combination water filtration system.

How Can You Tell Your Filter Is Faulty?

Several signs indicate your water filter could be faulty:

If your filter stops functioning, you will often notice a distinct change in how the water smells. An odd or rotten smell usually signifies a problem with your filter.

The filter may be clogged, or the filtration components have broken down, and the filter can no longer remove the contaminants.

When you pour a glass of water and see small pieces of dirt, debris, or other particulate matter floating or mixed in with the water, the filter may be bad.

Maybe you don’t see any particles, but the water has a funny color to it. Perhaps it is not as clear as you are used to seeing or maybe it has a slight brown or rusty tinge.

These are all signs of a faulty water filter.

Your filtration system may sound “clunky” or appears to be straining whenever you turn on the faucet or shower. It may sound unusually loud. This could indicate the water filter no longer can do its job and must be replaced, or the system needs repair.

A bad filter can cause reduced pressure in your system. Cracks or damage to the filter may reduce the flow of water from your taps, and you may even experience a leak.

An old or damaged filter can produce funky tasting water. If your water tastes metallic, earthy, musty or strange in any way, you may have a faulty filter.

If you change your filter, but the red light or “change filter” indicator remains on, you may have a water filtration system problem.

If you have an old water filter system, you can probably identify old and worn-out parts, which are strong indicators you may need to replace it.

Whatever the reason, we have the knowledge and experience to assess the issue and offer you an economical solution.

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What Causes a Breakdown?

If the water from your water filter or treatment system is not meeting your expectations, there is probably a fault somewhere. It could be inadequate water pressure due to water pipe damage, or the tank could be damaged. Whoever installed the system may have forgotten to remove the protective plastic from the filter, or perhaps installed the filter elements in the wrong order.

No matter what might have caused the breakdown, don’t settle for inferior drinking water. If you suspect there is a problem, we will come to your location and assess your water treatment or water filter system for you.

What Can I do About It?

We are located on 1938 Stillwell Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11223. Call:  718-407-9357 for an appointment

The most effective thing you can do to determine whether you have a bad water filter is to call us. It won’t cost you anything to have one of our experienced and trained professionals come to your location and inspect your system.
We have customers throughout the greater New York metropolitan area as well and Northern New Jersey.
We provide free over the phone diagnostics, or one of our licensed and bonded technicians will come to your house or business and provide the following:
    • Free Water Quality Test
    • Free System Check
    • Free Repair Estimate
We even offer same-day evaluation in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.

What Types of Filters Can You Service?

High Water Standard services all major brands as well as custom filter units. Some of the most popular brands we regularly service include, Brita, Berkey, and Pur water filters. We also work on reverse osmosis water filters, under sink, and shower water filters. Kenmore, Keurig, and Whirlpool water filters are also popular brands our technicians know how to repair and replace.

We can repair all major stock and custom water filter systems anywhere in the New York and Northern New Jersey area. We provide our clients with one of the longest warranties in the North East: three years on our parts.

Contact us today for all your water filter repair, service, installation, or maintenance needs.

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