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If you visited this page, it means you have not yet purchased a filter. Let’s find out how to find the right filter without making common mistakes. When you need to purchase a water filter and, especially, a filtration system, you need to have some knowledge on the topic to make the right decision. The complexity of such a product does not only require knowledge on the item itself but also the key points regarding installation. High Water Standard can assist you with reverse osmosis water filtration system installation in New York and New Jersey.

Proper installation is hard for everyone to achieve. The reason for this is that some manuals make it seem that the task can be done very easily. But in reality, it turns out this task is much more difficult to execute. Therefore, we recommend contacting our specialists.

Our recommendations:

  • Many filters look similar and well equipped but it doesn’t necessarily translate to their quality. A lot of the time people go for cheaper models and risk purchasing substandard goods. This can result in huge financial losses and problems in operation. For example, such filters can fail and flood the space. These “cost-saving” measures force people to resolve all of these unexpected issues and pay more in the end.
  • With 15 years’ experience in the field, we have tested practically every major system for water filtration available on the US market. It allows us to distinguish the most reliable and high-quality systems and recommend them to you with great confidence. Most notably, these are cost-efficient systems in the $200-$300 price range.

Our most popular offer is an integrated package “Smart Choice”. It includes selecting the system, its installation, and maintenance service with a 3-year extended warranty. Why is that the most reasonable option? If you buy a standard system ($200-$300) in a store and pay $150-$250 to have a local handyman install it, in a year you will have paid about $500 in total. Sometimes, it can take less than a year before you need maintenance service, assuming you didn’t breach the manufacturer’s rules for installation. Not to mention, you might end up having no tech support.

When you use the Smart Choice service from High Water Standard, the system is installed by a professional and you get a 3-year warranty. It will cost you $600. We work with the following systems:

Watch the video to find out about these and other systems:

Why do we provide a 3-year warranty when manufacturers merely offer 6-12 months? Our specialists thoroughly test filters before installation and prepare all of the installation materials. Therefore, it allows us to provide a great extended warranty. You pay slightly more but it saves you the trouble of having to wait to have an issue resolved. Besides, you receive top-quality service with a 3-year warranty, customer service, an opportunity to save a significant amount of money, and overall, a more enjoyable experience. Your neighbors will be in awe once they taste your delicious, clean drinking water.

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